WDC Mumbai
The World Data Centre for Geomagnetism, Mumbai is a part of ICSU World Data Centre System, and is operated by Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Navi Mumbai since 1971.


The data centre is equipped with many facilities for data retrieval such as
  • IBM Server with four Nodes.
  • Email and Browsing facilities
  • Microfilm and Microfiche Reader/Printer
  • Scanning and Xeroxing Facility
  • Library for Data Catalogues and Volumes
  • To update and disseminate geomagnetic hourly values, microfilm copies of analogue records of Indian Observatories.
  • To update and catalogue the world wide geomagnetic data and information through the courtesy of other data centre's.
  • To update supplementary global geomagnetic indices, Interplanetary magnetic field and other solar indices data.
  • To maintain the long term physical and scientific integrity of data (periodic checks).
  • To make available the geomagnetic data in computer compatible form to researchers and student community.
  • To supply the data to other WDCs under the International Data Exchange Program.
  • To promote the rapid growth of International co-operation in the field of geomagnetism and studies related to Solar-Terrestrial Relationship.

Data is made available in machine readable form on written request or personal visit to the data centre. Periodic data catalogues and Indian magnetic data volumes and some old data volumes from other international observatories are also available in the Data Library.